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Famous Weddings in India

Indian marriages are prominent worldwide for their vibrant and opulent look. The major attraction is the glamour and gloss of the ceremony. Nevertheless, Indian weddings are the most serious and ritualistic occasion. Nearly all religions in this country consider wedding ceremony as more of a spiritual practice than a legal or social one. Indian marriages are the perfect bring-together of celebrations, values and traditions. Indian people consider wedding ceremony as an emotional occasion of the joining of two souls. Hindus and Christian marriages are among the most famous Indian wedding ceremonies. Majority of the people associate Indian wedding with Hindu marriage ceremony.

Indian wedding covers in itself 6 other religion wedding namely Jain, Buddhism, Jewish, Zoroastrianism, Sikhism, and Islam. The famous Indian wedding ceremonies vary according to the community and region traditions and rituals. Different types of wedding follows different forms of traditions and rituals. The one aspect that is common in each and every ceremony is the attractive and striking display of emotion, commitment, concern and love. The Hindu weddings signify rituals, elaborate celebrations and customs and are filled with frolic and fun. It speaks importance of the ethnicity, heritage and rich culture of the nation. Each region adopts its own rituals, customs and traditions for the ceremony.

Christian wedding are the most significant of Indian traditions. As compared to Muslims and Hindus their population may be very less but has a profound force on the modern Indian society. Famous Indian wedding ceremonies have been prominent worldwide for their ritualistic and elaborative nature. Similar to other Indian weddings, the marriage customs and rituals of Parsi society are also increased over a period. In their wedding, the celebrations are being divided into pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding practices. Additionally, the Sikh marriage normally takes place in temple among the priest of the family, religious place, relatives and friends. Of course there is always a wedding photographer on hand to capture every special moment on film.

Traditional famous Indian wedding ceremonies were magnificent and impressive affair. It took place over more than a few days with complex and elaborate ceremonial occasions. The ceremony was divided into pre-wedding ceremony, wedding and post-wedding ceremony. The Jain marriages are also very much ritualistic. They are simple and sacred without any profligacy. A distinctive Jain wedding ceremony is uncomplicated and very simple. The Jain community people do not have a firm conviction in wasting money or time on weddings. Jain marriages are very much simple and serious with no show. Even the Buddhist people are stern conventionalist about weddings. It is concluded mainly with the narration of Jayamangala Gatha and Mangalsutra as an approval for newlyweds.

The Indian Jewish wedding normally includes two major stages – the actual marriage and the betrothal. The actual marriage phase brings in a legal change. The marriages are always marked by huge enthusiasm and fervor. The famous Indian wedding ceremonies are more ritualistic and effectively display the emotion of love and care. The Indian Islam weddings are prominent worldwide as Nikah. Furthermore, the Indian Zoroastrian marriage and pre-marriage celebrations can be complex but in spite of volume they are one of the most fun-filled and joyous occasions. In the completion of the ceremony, both groom and bride pray to the deity for a long-lasting and joyful bond.

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