It’s all about Stonehenge

Stonehenge can be found in England and is among the historical monuments that attract the visitors and add great value to the area. The stones that are present there are as old as 5000 years which is the reason why they inspire awe. What is present there in the Stonehenge is only an impression of what was in 3100 BC and later in 1500 BC, most of which is destroyed now and no longer available. The original Stonehenge had about 60 stones majority of which are sadly, ruined now.

There were four stages in which the Stonehenge was made. The first stage was in 3100 BC when there were only Aubrey stones. Aubrey stones are huge holes carved in chalk which were made for a religious purpose although it might look at first glance that they were made as a burial place.

The second stage of the Stonehenge was made in 2100 BC in which bluestones were transported down from the mountains using rollers and by water. Each stone weighs 4 tonnes and thus the sweat given out for its transportation and construction can be imagined, especially in a time when there were no machines and cranes to do the work.  The stones which were moved were organized in a double circle viagra pour homme prix.

The third stage of the Stonehenge was made after a short time and when the other stones which weighed 50 tonnes each were brought down from the mountains. It is not possible that such heavy stones were moved with rollers and by water and so people must have moved those using ropes and sledges. To move one such stone, 500 men must have pulled the rope. But it depends on the strength of people in those times. The stones were arranged in an outer circle and there were five trilithons which were raised inside the circle in the shape of horseshoe.

The final stage of the Stonehenge was in 1500 BC when the shape of the stones was changed to a circle and horseshoe which resembles the Stonehenge of today.

The Stonehenge attracts the tourists not only because of its historical value and religious value but also because of the mystery of it which has made people really curious to know why such an effort was made into building this Stonehenge. After all, it is not a building like the Taj mahal, it is only an arrangement of stones then why would it have been made in the first place? But there is no definite answer to this question as everyone gives their own ideas about it. Some say they were for a burial place for the kings and princes while others say it was a temple. The religious theory is the most popular and people still come here for their ceremonies.

Even scientists had curiosity to know about the purpose of Stonehenge and so they studied the stones but again, could not give a definite theory about its purpose. Only the people who built it will know about it!

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